About me

My name is Ana-Maria-Loredana Șerban and I am a translator and interpreter authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Justice for English under the authorization no. 32407/2011, updated in 2020.

In 2005 I obtained the certificate of professional skills in English from the Romanian Ministry of Education, after graduating from high school.

With no formal English or translation studies, I decided to study independently, out of passion. My in-depth knowledge was certified in 2007 by obtaining the Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) certificate based on testing assessed by the University of Cambridge in the UK.

Later, in 2011, I obtained the translator certificates for translation and back translation in the legal field from the Romanian Ministry of Culture. Also in 2011, I obtained the authorization of translator and interpreter for English from the Romanian Ministry of Justice.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Engineering, Postgraduate Studies in Business Economics and Management and a Master’s Degree in Management and Engineering, I managed to form a strategic, pragmatic way of thinking that allows me to understand and approach complex materials with confidence.


My name is Ilie Cățoiu. I am passionate about the Romanian language and as a first level teacher I have been teaching it with pleasure since 1995, both to young Romanians in the Romanian education system and to foreign citizens who wish to learn and apply the study of this language in their everyday life and in other challenging Romanian language situations. With a university specialization – Romanian language – foreign languages (French and Italian), and intermediate level of English, I can offer resident foreign citizens forms of general or specialized training in the knowledge and mastery of the Romanian language with all its particularities. The training can take place in the form of direct sessions (one-to-one), at the interested person’s home, at the Company’s premises, or remotely.

Whether we are talking about specialized language (administrative, legal etc.), common or official language, the method I am using for the teaching process (based mainly on conversation and linguistic texts applied to the level desired by the learner) makes learning the Romanian language, oral and written, easy, pleasant and interesting. The language elements are harmoniously combined with those of culture and civilisation, and depending on the requests I can also organise study groups, for pragmatic, active and authentic results.

I also offer assistance to children of foreign families for training in the Romanian education system, both state and private, in socio-humanistic subjects of study and especially for the Romanian language and the French & Italian languages – both for daily school work and for school exams: national assessment, baccalaureate, admission to higher education.

In addition to the above, I can also offer translation services from French and Italian into Romanian.

On www.cartimagice.ro you can find my credentials as a writer of applied spirituality and a believer in values and character.

I am here to support you in overcoming communication barriers and in enabling you to get the best possible understanding of the Romanian language!

Whatever challenges you may face in the study and application of the Romanian language in oral or written communication, I offer you my professional and specialized assistance in this regard, as a passionate native speaker, with concerns in the area of spirituality and personal development!

Interacting through authentic communication with people, both directly and at a distance is a pleasure and I assure you that it is a very interesting and valuable challenge to know the Romanian language and its culture!

For details and a personalised training plan you can contact me at: